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This is the David Hawkins podcast where I take you though ground truthing those crime sene investigation which never seen to find the guilty party.

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49 minutes ago

Research indicates that Musk's AI-Tesla COVID vectors are driving a 'transfected' genocide game. I offer evidence which points to Tesla bankers—State Street, Vanguard & BlackRock—targeting victim cities (Wuhan and New York) with Trudeau's ChildBase mutants and Serco weapons patents: US20200257317A1, WO2020002598A1, WO2014172045A1, US5781704 & US9498694B2.

3 days ago

Research suggests that Elon Musk's COVID Tesla vectors were used to program Justin Trudeau's ChildBase Sherman hits. I investigate the apparent role of Tesla's bankers—State Street, Vanguard & BlackRock—in summoning 'transfected' AR criminals to target the Shermans with Serco weapons patents: US20200257317A1, WO2020002598A1, WO2014172045A1, US5781704 & US9498694B2.

4 days ago

Research suggests that Musk—wittingly or unwittingly—programmed AI COVID Tesla vectors for Trudeau's AR ChildBase games. Recent discoveries point to Tesla's bankers—State Street, Vanguard & BlackRock—as having vectored a Sherman hit team to hide Gain of Function (GOF) funding of Serco weapons patents: WO2020002598A1, WO2014172045A1, US20200257317A1, US5781704 & US9498694B2.

5 days ago

Research suggests Musk AI is summoning Tesla's crime-site COVID weapons to Trudeau ChildBase games. We have reasons to believe Tesla's bankers—State Street, Vanguard and BlackRock—'fixed' the Sherman CSI with COVID hit teams and Serco weapons patents: US20200257317A1, US5781704, WO2020002598A1, WO2014172045A1 & US9498694B2.

6 days ago

Research suggests Musk's Tesla agents targeted Trudeau's ChildBase-program crimes at COVID-boosted AR games. Tesla bankers—State Street, Vanguard & BlackRock—appear to have programed the Sherman 'contract hits' to hide funding for GOF (gain-of-function) research by ChildBase (pedophile) crime groups & Serco weapons patents: US20200257317A1, WO2020002598A1, WO2014172045A1, US5781704 & US9498694B2.

Wednesday Jan 25, 2023

Noting that Tesla began manufacturing CureVac mutants before the Wuhan super-spreader events of October 2019, I show how Musk can summon COVID weapons to Trudeau's ethnic targets during Tesla's ChildBase AR games. I show how Tesla bankers—State Street, Vanguard & BlackRock—can 'hit' a target with Serco weapons patents: US20200257317A1, WO2014172045A1, US5781704 & US9498694B2.

Monday Jan 23, 2023

Research suggests that Musk has been 'summoning' COVID in a Trudeau ChildBase program for AR body-count Tesla games. Our CSI of geographic profiles at the Sherman crime scene, points to Tesla contract hits. Listeners can explore the apparent roles of Tesla bankers—State Street, Vanguard and BlackRock—in fixing contract hits with Serco weapons patents US20200257317A1, WO2014172045A1, US5781704 & US9498694B.

Sunday Jan 15, 2023

Noting that the inventor of a CSI geograhic profiling system was publicly humiliated by the VPD, I allege his system was adapted by Trudeau and Clinton family mentors to hide transfected genocides with 3PL services provided by the Tesla ChildBase program. I look at the 'mapping' of ChildBase to Tesla COVID profiles for transfected genocides. Research indicates that, after the Sherman murders, Tesla's bankers—State Street, Vanguard & BlackRock—funded GoF weapons to fix body counts in CSI 'games' with Serco weapons patents—CA3129725A1, US5781704, WO2014172045A1 & US9498694B2.

Saturday Jan 14, 2023

I note that Vancouver was the1990s program base for an expert system for CSI geographic profiling while up to 50 prostitutes were killed at the Pickton pig farm and a hard-core adult and child porn operation with online gaming in 60 countries, operated a few blocks from the VPD. I explore whether China can survive Tesla's COVID profiles and Trudeau's transfected-ChildBase programs; whether Tesla bankers—State Street, Vanguard & BlackRock—can fix CSI with Trudeau psycho-cyber games, and, whether Elon Musk can expose Serco's AR weaponized patents—CA3129725A1, US5781704, WO2014172045A1 & US9498694B2.

Friday Jan 13, 2023

Noting similar MOs, I explain how the Toronto and Vancouver police may have been deceived at the crime scenes in re the murder of the Shermans in Toronto and the so-called 'missing women' at the Pickton pig farm in BC. I show how the Trudeau and Clinton families allegedly used programs to fix ChildBase bankers' games so that State Street, Vanguard and BlackRock could control CSI outcomes with AR psycho-, cyber- and bio-weapons. I offer ad hoc geographic profiling which points to an elite, pedophile crime groups hiding in a "SWAMP" of Serco's woke-AI military patents—CA3129725A1, US5781704, WO2014172045A1 & US9498694B2.


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