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This is the David Hawkins podcast where I take you though ground truthing those crime sene investigation which never seen to find the guilty party.

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4 days ago

We are asking Elon Musk to block use of Tesla to take Taiwan with Trudeau's AI ChildBase program and a BBC GPT plan! We #MuskHawkinsGPTTruth offer RCMP Veterans our AR-data & generative-program-tracking system—WO1991006051A1—to block US20200257317A1 and punish GPT ChildBase impersonators. For the record, my career and profile ties the BBC's Genocide Party Tracking (GPT) and Trudeau's Family Maintenance Enforcement Program to murder by AI ChildBase pedophiles and Serco's AR COVID patents.

4 days ago

I am showing Elon Musk how the BBC appears to have tied the deaths of JonBenét Ramsey and Madeleine McCann to GPT-Trudeau ChildBase programs! We #MuskHawkinsFightforTruth offer RCMP Veterans our AR-data & generative-program-tracking system—WO1991006051A1—to detect, block and punish GPT ChildBase impersonators. My career profile tracks the late Pierre and Justin Trudeau's Family Maintenance Enforcement Program (Est. 1988) and ChildBase pedophile register (circa 1999) to the BBC's Inner Party, GPT China Gates and Serco's AR COVID patents.

7 days ago

Research indicates that Gates' is driving an OpenAI fraud on Trump with Biden's "Deadbeat-Parents'" brains and Trudeau's GPT ChildBase program! We #MuskHawkinsFightforTruth are offering our AR-data and generative-program-tracking system—WO1991006051A1—to detect elite pedophiles and punish CSI manipulation by GPT impersonation. Note that our system permits unreal objects—e.g. objects which pass through each other and other 'augmented reality' effects to be, created, detected and even blocked. Per my Twitter profile, my expert services may help listeners to tie Trudeau's Family Maintenance Enforcement Program and Starnet ChildBase pedophiles to OpenAI Gates, GPT Biden's 'deadbeat' brain and Serco AR COVID patents.

Sunday Mar 19, 2023

We show Elon Musk how Huawei bribes appear to have driven Trudeau's B.C. Family Maintenance Enforcement Program (FMEP) to frame Trump for the so-called 'insurrection' by his alleged supporters outside the Capitol Building on Jan. 6 2021! #MuskHawkinsFightforTruth is now offering real-time asset tracking with our OOP paintbrush (WO1991006051A1) to detect and punish CSI manipulation by GPT impersonation. [Corrupt GPT programmers allegedly hid Trudeau's FMEP and Huawei bribes to set a ChildBase trap for Trump on Jan. 6 and snare Fox Corp with Dominion's Voting System ballot bots and Serco's AR GPT COVID patent frauds.]

Sunday Mar 19, 2023

We have been warning and will continue to warn Elon Musk of Justin Trudeau's alleged use of Huawei bribes to set up a ChildBase trap for POTUS 45 Donald Trump and execute a Dominion Voting Systems fraud on Fox Corporation! #MuskHawkinsFightforTruth now offers real-time asset tracking of Trudeau's Family Maintenance Enforcement Program (FMEP) with our OOP paintbrush (WO1991006051A1) to detect CSI manipulation and GPT impersonation.

Saturday Mar 18, 2023

We help Elon Musk tie China's GPT (Generative Pre-trained Transformer) ChildBase graves to Trudeau's Dominion GG (Governors General) programs! #MuskHawkinsFightforTruth has an OOP (Object Oriented Program) paintbrush to detect unreal CSI data—e.g. Jeanne Sauvé's hidden one-child policy—and punish program makers who injure or kill by fraudulent digital impersonation.
My career, profile and work experience—particularly over the last 40+ years—ties Trudeau's Dominion GG and BC Family Maintenance Enforcement Program to China's GPT ChildBase graves, Tesla AI ballot-bot fraud and Serco AR-COVID patents.

Friday Mar 17, 2023

We are helping Elon Musk to track Dominion GGs (Governors General) and Trudeau's ChildBase program to Tesla AI bots and GPT (Generative Pre-trained Transformer) contract hits. #MuskHawkinsFightforTruth is filtering real and unreal CSI data with an OOP (Object Oriented Program) paintbrush—WO1991006051A1—to indict programmers who injure victims by fraudulent digital impersonation.

Thursday Mar 16, 2023

My research shows how Elon Musk can defeat Justin Trudeau's Governors General and Dominion's AI Act of War. I have developed #MuskHawkinsFightforTruth to expose the ties between Trudeau ChildBase bots, Tesla's Hawala bankers and China's bribery frauds. I can show Musk how to release Fox from Trudeau's AI Dominion trap by exposing Serco's AR-COVID patents—CN112334579A, US20200257317A, US9498694B2, US9514748B2 & US8844813B2.

Wednesday Mar 15, 2023

In Episode 55, I discuss Elon Musk's recent tweet which asks how a non-profit to which he donated ~$100M became a $30B market cap for-profit. I replied through #MuskHawkinsFightforTruth that we have tied AI Dominion games to genocidal program threats (GPTs!), Trudeau ChildBase bags, Tesla Hawala banks and a Fox ambush by ballot correction frauds & Serco AR-COVID patents. The patents to which I refer include US8844813B2, US9498694B2, US20200257317A, US9514748B2 & CN112334579A.

Sunday Mar 12, 2023

My research ties Justin Trudeau—currently serving as Canadian prime mnister—and the alleged spy-in-the-bag 'Hawala Hit' of Gareth Williams in London to Tesla's banking votes and Dominion's ChildBase bots. Geographic profiling of assets (including the possibility of abducted and sedated children carried in sports bags!) moving through CSIs, suggests that Vanguard, BlackRock & State Street are hiding Trudeau and BC's Hawala money launderers with Serco's AR-COVID patents US9498694B2, US20200257317A, US8844813B2, US9514748B2, WO2014172045A1 & CN112334579A.


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