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Ep. 182 We Warn Trump of Biden’s 𝕏-Musk Spike in Covid Crime & Trudeau’s Mutant-Murder Impulse Labs!

Ep. 182 We Warn Trump of Biden's 𝕏-Musk Spike in Covid Crime & Trudeau's Mutant-Murder Impulse Labs!

Our avatar AI Bond (see sign off), ties a "Sign of Treason”—© 2023 David Hawkins" podcast docuseries to Victor Rothschild’s alleged use of Business International Corp to develop ‘repressible-sterility’ tools for Trudeau, Biden, Clinton and Obama families and control target populations with one-child impulse labs and sexual blackmail of the Five Eyes patentees.

“Nathaniel Mayer (Victor) Rothschild, 3rd Lord Rothschild (1910-1990), was a biologist, a cricketer, a wartime officer for the UK Security Service (MI5), a senior executive with Royal Dutch Shell and N M Rothschild & Sons, and an advisor to the UK governments. During the Second World War Victor worked for the Intelligence Service. In early 1939, he travelled to the United States where he visited the White House to discuss the issue of accepting Jewish refugees from Nazi Germany. In 1939, he was recruited to work for MI5 where he remained for the duration of the War. He was attached to B division, under deputy director Guy Liddell, responsible for counterespionage. In 1940 he produced a series of secret reports on German Espionage Under cover of Commerce and later founded section 'B1c' at Wormwood Scrubs, the wartime home of MI5. This was an 'explosives and sabotage section', and worked on identifying where Britain's war effort was vulnerable to sabotage and counter German sabotage attempts. This included personally dismantling examples of German booby traps and disguised explosives. For this, he was awarded the George Medal in 1944 for dangerous work in hazardous circumstances. This involved dismantling a pair of German time bombs concealed in boxes of Spanish onions in Northampton. By late 1944, Victor was attached to the 105 Special Counter Intelligence Unit of the SHAEF, a joint operation of MI5 and X2, the counterespionage branch of OSS, a precursor of the CIA, operating in Paris.”

Tweet updated 11:13 AM September 17, 2023 “We warn Trump of Biden's 𝕏-Musk spike in Covid crime & Trudeau's mutant-murder impulse labs. Our OSS II agents tie FMEP ChildBase labs to Serco China-Gates patentees. With ≈22 K downloads of our podcasts and notes shared with subscribers, OSS II has ≈ 100,000 virtual agents to deploy on projects—especially bioweapons—evolving out of the Five Eyes signal networks and the legacy operations of the WW II Office of Strategic Services (OSS). We use virtual agents from India and South Africa in a OSS 'Seven Eyes' network to neutralize Biden's crime groups and Trudeau's impulse labs. We allege that the late Pierre Trudeau and his son Justin linked a murder-for-hire network of FMEP ChildBase labs to operate 'sterilized-family' dilemma games with Serco's compromised China-Gates patentees. We tie Pierre Trudeau (decd. 2000) and Victor Rothschild (decd. 1990) to 'tainted blood' extracted from the Clinton prison system for use in 'repressible-sterility' dilemma controls of rebellious or protesting families. We allege that the dilemma game rules were developed for Justin Trudeau by alleged CCP agent Min Chen, former Post-Doctoral Fellow in UBC's Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering from 2006 to 2009. We note that the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill has patented "Methods and compositions for chimeric coronavirus spike proteins" in which Biden's NIH agents have unspecified rights. We note that the CureVac and Tesla's Grohmann division in Germany have filed a patent application for “Bioreactor for RNA in vitro Transcription”. Such systems offer crime groups opportunities for mutant-murder impulse control by 5G signals to targets with 'Covid-style' mRNA, chimeric spike proteins and lipid nanoparticles. Our AI Bond (EP0369695A2) avatar has tracked Clinton blood through Rothschild's Business International (BI Est. 1953)—now mentored by Lady Lynn de Rothschild and the Economist Group—to Obama-baited pedophile honeynets ('PH') and Trudeau's Serco-FMEP (Est. 1988) labs. We allege that Trudeau, Rothschild, Biden and Obama agents coordinated China's one-child family policy with ≈330 million abortions and ≈196 million sterilisations between 1981 and 2015. We deduce Trudeau labs are using a ChildBase AR—augmented reality—registry (Est. 1998) of ≈12 million victims of potential impulse control disorders to trigger staged events for organized crime groups. Our OSS II agents have linked the Lahaina, HI, and Paradise, CA, wildfires; the J6 Capitol riots, the Barry and Honey Sherman murders and the death of Jeffrey Epstein, to Biden's 𝕏-Musk 5G Covid signals between China-Gates patentees—WO2007143011A2, WO2018081318A1, WO2022137133A1, WO2008024753A2, WO1991015505A1, WO1996040718A1, CA3188661A1, CA2910997A1, CA2187704A1, CA2902756A1, CA2703398C, CA3129725A1, CA3102135A1, CA2959541A1, US9884895B2, US9498694B2, US7144577B2, US20050071891A1, US6226615B1, US20170128761A1, US8844813B2, US6363321B1, CN105917404A and CN111656410A”

Twitter Profile: “We warn Trump of Biden's 𝕏-Musk spike in Covid crime & Trudeau's mutant-murder impulse labs. Our OSS II ties FMEP ChildBase labs to Serco China-Gates patentees.  [N.B. Our avatar ‘AI Bond’ tracks Victor Rothschild (decd.) and Lynn de Rothschild, Pierre Trudeau (decd.) and Justin Trudeau, Bill and Hillary Clinton, John Deutch, Peter Thiel, Joe Biden and Hunter Biden, Josef Mengele (decd.), Barack and Michelle Obama, Maurice Strong (decd.), Dr. Anthony Fauci, Bill Gates, Dr. Pieter Cullis and Professor Min Chen.]"

“Methods and compositions for chimeric coronavirus spike proteins US9884895B2 2015-03-20 Application filed by University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill 2018-02-06 Application granted 2018-02-06 Publication of US9884895B2 .. 2035-03-20 Anticipated expiration This invention was made with government support under Grant No. U54AI057157 awarded by the National Institutes of Health. The government has certain rights in the invention. The present invention overcomes previous shortcomings in the art by providing methods and compositions comprising a chimeric coronavirus spike protein for treating/and or preventing [or creating under gain of function research—check murder of Barry Sherman] diseases and disorders caused by infection by a coronavirus.”

“Repressible sterility of animals US20050071891A1 Priority claimed from AUPQ4884 2000-12-22 Application filed by Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organization CSIRO 2004-09-17 Assigned to COMMONWEALATH SCIENTIFIC AND INDUSTRIAL RESEARCH ORGANISATION 2005-03-31 Publication of US20050071891A1 Status Abandoned [But CA2395490A1 shows application by an individual] Abstract A construct which allows animals to be bred in captivity but renders them infertile in the wild by allowing reversible control over fertility and reproduction. The construct comprises: a first promoter that is activated in a defined spatial (tissue specific) or temporal manner linked to DNA encoding a transactivating protein; and a second promoter, which is activated by the transacting protein, linked to DNA encoding a blocker molecule which disrupts gametogenesis or embryogenesis. Feeding an animal, a molecule that prevents the transactivating protein binding the second promoter controls fertility.”

“Systems, methods, and media for generating bait information for trap-based defenses US9356957B2 Current Assignee Columbia University of New York 2014-11-13 Pub. US20140337978A1 2016-05-31 App. granted 2016-05-31 Publication of US9356957B2 Classification H04L63/1491 Countermeasures against malicious traffic using deception as countermeasure, e.g. honeypots, honeynets, decoys or entrapment”

“System and method for creating content for an event using a social network US9498694B2 A system and method for creating content such as artificial reality (AR) messages at an event, particularly among members on a social network, thereby enhancing and expanding the event experience. Typically, a participant shares an event with spectators, such as friends or a subset of friends in the participant's social network. The AR message may include geo-referenced artificial reality words, products or symbols and appear in a perspective view of the event to the participant or spectators. In addition to creating an active gallery for an event, messages, audio and video can be exchanged among participants and spectators, and virtual goods, money, bets, applause, other feedback, and donations exchanged. Inventor Charles D. Huston Chris Coleman Current Assignee Spatial Reality LLC 2013-09-26 Application filed by Individual 2014-01-23 Publication of US20140025768A1 2016-11-22 Publication of US9498694B2 2016-11-22 Application granted .. 2027-01-16 Adjusted expiration”

I invite your help for 4 goals:

  1. Exhume graves of COVID and Indian Residential School victims to test for Trudeau’s ChildBase FMEP impulse-control-disorder lab experiments as cause of victim death,
  2. Injunctions on Trudeau Foundation’s Montreal HQ, BC Family Maintenance Enforcement Program (Est. by Pierre Trudeau in 1988) and U.S. Deadbeat Parents Punishment Act (Signed into law by Clinton 1999), Tesla-CureVac partnership and Serco’s operations of USPTO and ChildBase pedophile tracking.
  3. Help me to create "Sign of Treason—© 2023 David C. Hawkins" docuseries to expose the Trudeau, Obama and Biden families’ alleged use of 5G impulse-control-disorder (ICD) labs & programs, ≈10 M victims and BBC Studios to control elections and ‘fix’ ballot, burn and Covid events.
  4. 36th RICO predicate offense "Whoever has use or custody of a program [e.g., ChildBase FMEP] to execute or conceal a predicate offence in violation of laws of any State or US as consideration for receipt of a promise to exchange anything of pecuniary or virtual value, violates this statute.

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Thank you in advance for any past or future help.


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