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Ep. 176 We Aim Trump at Clinton’s BI-Rothschild Blood, Obama’s ’PH’ Covid Sex, Biden’s 𝕏-Musk Traps and Trudeau’s Red-Team Impulse Labs!

Ep. 176 We Aim Trump at Clinton's BI-Rothschild Blood, Obama's 'PH' Covid Sex, Biden's 𝕏-Musk Traps and Trudeau's Red-Team Impulse Labs!

Our avatar AI Bond (see sign off), ties a "Sign of Treason”—© 2023 David Hawkins" podcast docuseries to Victor Rothschild’s alleged use of Business International Corp to develop blood-brain products for the Biden, Clinton and Obama families and control mutant populations with Trudeau’s ‘red-team’ impulse labs and sexual blackmail of the Five Eyes patentees.

“The era when gay spies were feared Published 20 January 2016 By Jon Kelly BBC News Magazine MI5 has been named the UK's most gay-friendly employer - but it isn't long since same-sex relationships were considered a threat to national security. How did attitudes change? In 1963 the Sunday Mirror offered its assistance to the Security Service. "How to spot a possible homo," ran a headline in the paper. Below this, for MI5's benefit, was a list of supposed signifiers of male homosexuality ("a gay little wiggle", "his tie has the latest knot", "an unnaturally strong affection for his mother"). The pretext for this unsolicited advice - which now seems clearly offensive - was the case of John Vassall, a gay civil servant who spied for the Soviets under threat of blackmail. A gay man, the paper's reporter said, was a de facto security risk: "I wouldn't trust him with my secrets." Fast forward 53 years and the service tops Stonewall's 2016 list of the 400 best places to work for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) people. According to the Times, more than 80 of its employees belong to an LGBT staff network.”

“Systems, methods, and media for generating bait information for trap-based defenses US9356957B2 Current Assignee Columbia University of New York 2014-11-13 Pub. US20140337978A1 2016-05-31 App. granted 2016-05-31 Publication of US9356957B2 Classification H04L63/1491 Countermeasures against malicious traffic using deception as countermeasure, e.g. honeypots, honeynets, decoys or entrapment”

“Treatment of HIV-associated dysmorphia/dysmetabolic syndrome (HADDS) with or without lipodystrophy US7144577B2 Pathological regional adipose tissue accumulation associated with HIV-associated dysmorphic/dysmetabolic syndrome (HADDS) which may occur with or without subcutaneous adipose tissue lipodystrophy (and which is also described as HIV-associated adipose redistribution syndrome or HARS and other specific medical terms), is treated by administering an effective amount of human growth hormone or other substance which binds to and initiates signalling of the hGH receptor. Current Assignee  Merck Serono SA 2003-12-03 Application filed by Applied Research Systems ARS Holding NV 2005-01-13 Publication of US20050009746A1 2006-12-05 Publication of US7144577B2 2006-12-05 Application granted 2020-07-14 Adjusted expiration”

“Theratechnologies was founded in 1993 and currently employs more than 150 people in Canada, the United States and Europe. Headquartered in Montreal, Quebec (Canada), Theratechnologies commercializes two medicines in HIV and has research programs in HIV, NASH and Oncology.”

Tweet updated 9:36 AM September 13, 2023 “We aim Trump at Clinton's BI-Rothschild blood, Obama's 'PH' Covid sex, Biden's 𝕏-Musk traps and Trudeau's red-team impulse labs. We track the late Victor Rothschild to Business International's (BI Est. 1953) dysmorphic population control with Obama's pedophile honeynets (PH) and Clinton's lipid prison blood. We tie BI's Serco-FMEP (Est. 1988) ChildBase (Est. 1998) 5G impulse labs to China-Gates patentees—WO2007143011A2, WO2018081318A1, WO2022137133A1, WO2008024753A2, WO1991015505A1, WO1996040718A1, CA3188661A1, CA2910997A1, CA2187704A1, CA2902756A1, CA2703398C, CA3129725A1, CA3102135A1, CA2959541A1, US7144577B2, US6226615B1, US20170128761A1, US8844813B2, US6363321B1, CN105917404A and CN111656410A.”

Twitter Profile: “We tie Clinton's BI-Rothschild blood to Obama PH-sex, Biden 𝕏-Musk traps & Trudeau's red-team impulse labs. We tie FMEP ChildBase lab to China-Gates patentees. [N.B. Our avatar ‘AI Bond’ tracks Victor Rothschild (decd.), Pierre (decd.) and Justin Trudeau, Bill and Hillary Clinton, John Deutch, Peter Thiel, Joe Biden and Hunter Biden, Josef Mengele (decd.), Barack and Michelle Obama, Maurice Strong (decd.), Dr. Anthony Fauci, Bill Gates and Dr. Pieter Cullis.]"

I allege that BI Rothschild launched MITM attacks on the Five Eyes countries with 𝕏-Musk 5G signals from red-team impulse labs in the custody of the Trudeau Foundation’s Montreal HQ, Huawei’s ‘Smart City’ partners, BC Family Maintenance Enforcement Program (FMEP), U.S. Deadbeat Parents Punishment Act and Biden ‘fixers’ in Delaware Court of Chancery (Est 1792).

BI agents appear to have begun MITM attacks after 2000-04-28 when Musk’s X.Com and Peter Thiel’s PayPal applied for a "System and method for electronically exchanging value among distributed users” patent in different jurisdictions with CA2910997A1 & WO2000067177A2.

“RCMP tracks HIV-tainted prison blood Criminal probe traces trail of plasma from Arkansas inmates Mark Kennedy May 31, 1999 The Ottawa Citizen The RCMP's criminal investigation into the tainted-blood affair will examine how HIV-contaminated plasma was collected from Arkansas prison inmates and shipped to Canada by a U.S. firm with links to President Bill Clinton. .. The tainted plasma -- used to create special blood products for hemophiliacs -- is believed to have been infected with HIV, the virus that causes AIDS. As well, it's likely the prisoners' blood was contaminated with hepatitis C. Mr. Clinton was governor of Arkansas when the Canadian blood supply was contaminated in the mid-'80s. .. Mr. Clinton was a friend of HMA president Leonard Dunn, who boasted of the friendship in 1986 to Arkansas police who conducted a probe of the firm following allegations it was providing poor medical care to inmates. In the early 1980s, U.S. companies that fractionate blood products had stopped buying prison blood because it was widely understood that since many prisoners practised unsafe sex or were intravenous drug users, they posed a high risk of carrying the AIDS virus. However, HMA found a willing buyer in Continental Pharma, a Montreal blood broker, which in turn sold the plasma to Toronto-based blood fractionator Connaught Laboratories. Connaught apparently didn't realize the plasma had come from prisoners. .. The Mounties began their criminal investigation last February and established a toll-free number (1-888-530-1111) that Canadians can call with tips. So far, the RCMP investigators have interviewed more than 500 people and have travelled to the United States, Germany and the Netherlands…. The contaminated plasma collected by HMA in the early '80s came from Cummins prison in Grady, Arkansas. As well, HMA bought prisoners' plasma from four Louisiana prisons and sent it to the Montreal blood broker, which sold it to Connaught Laboratories. Connaught fractionated it into blood products for use by hemophiliacs.”

“Tainted Blood - Clinton intimidation campaign suspected Lyn McCloskey Mon, 31 May 1999 FROM THE OTTAWA CITIZEN Tainted-blood sleuth firebombed Intimidation campaign suspected as Arkansas clinic razed, Montreal office ransacked Mark Kennedy The Ottawa Citizen The controversial story involving tainted plasma from Arkansas prisoners that was shipped to Canada in the 1980s while Bill Clinton was state governor has taken a mysterious and chilling new turn. Two crimes that occurred within hours of each other Tuesday night, hundreds of kilometres apart, have raised questions about whether someone is trying to intimidate or silence those who are asking questions about the prison-blood fiasco. In Pine Bluff, Arkansas, someone firebombed a prosthetics clinic owned by Michael Galster, who has been pushing hard for a U.S. government investigation. The clinic was burned to its shell and fire officials, who found a gas container in Mr. Galster's attic -- where he kept hisdocuments -- say they're "90-per-cent sure" the fire was arson. In Montreal, someone broke into the offices of the Quebec chapter of the Canadian Hemophilia Society, which recently unearthed documents that showed Finance Minister Paul Martin was a board member of the corporation that owned Connaught Laboratories, the company that fractionated and distributed the Arkansas prison plasma in Canada. Hemophilia Society officials say thieves stole a computer and three telephones. They also stole documents from a box labeled "Hepatitis C, Krever Commission, Reform of the blood system, HIV-AIDS." Police are investigating both incidents.”

I invite your help for 4 goals:

  1. Exhume graves of COVID and Indian Residential School victims to test for Trudeau’s ChildBase FMEP impulse-control-disorder lab experiments as cause of victim death,
  2. Injunctions on Trudeau Foundation’s Montreal HQ, BC Family Maintenance Enforcement Program (Est. by Pierre Trudeau in 1988) and U.S. Deadbeat Parents Punishment Act (Signed into law by Clinton 1999) to prove children are not violated in unlawful medical experiments.
  3. Help me to create "Sign of Treason—© 2023 David C. Hawkins" docuseries to expose the Trudeau, Obama and Biden families’ alleged use of 5G impulse-control-disorder (ICD) labs & programs, ≈10 M victims and BBC Studios to control elections and ‘fix’ ballot, burn and Covid events.
  4. 36th RICO predicate offense "Whoever has use or custody of a program [e.g., ChildBase FMEP] to execute or conceal a predicate offence in violation of laws of any State or US as consideration for receipt of a promise to exchange anything of pecuniary or virtual value, violates this statute.

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Thank you in advance for any past or future help.


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Where did The Duplessis Orphans .. many of them were killed also and the graves should be located as well as they should be exumed.🙏🕊 ..😬🐰

Thursday Sep 14, 2023

Please .. could you share, share, share, David’s work as far and wide as you can .. I think his communication is being severely blocked .. The Canadian Cone of Silence .. I know it well. GodSpeed GodBless 🙏🕊

Thursday Sep 14, 2023

🙏 Please Lord see it go through with GodSpeed and watch over and protect David🕊

Thursday Sep 14, 2023

I think the morcycle gangs/clubs .. especially ’s Angels .. the original group that developed after the War .. have been infiltrated just like gov’t./judiciary. My theory: by the very angry, authority detesting, thick skinned and PRE-INSURED because a good percentage would have ended up /homosexual .. ”Les Orphéllins Duplessis” .. ”The Duplessis Orphans”.🙏🕊

Thursday Sep 14, 2023


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